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Are you thinking about moving your production overseas and worried about these issues?


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We want to be your sourcing and quality control unit in Asia.

Capacity,  Quality,  Reliability and now,  Social Compliance, are vital factors in choosing a vendor.  Price is obviously another major factor, but what good is a great price on a product if the factory does not have the capacity to make the volume you need, or the quality is inferior or they are not reliable and fill production space with more than they can handle, akin to a contractor who books more jobs than he can handle. Surely you’ve heard the horror stories from homeowners waiting for months or longer for there kitchen to be finished.   Some factories do the same thing, not wanting to turn away orders.

RC Global Synergy is an independent agency,  we are not beholden or partners with any factories,  we have a vast network of close relations with factories in all industries, manufacturing in all types of materials, wood, plastics, fabrics and metal.  We’ve developed and manufactured apparel, soft goods, wood and metal furniture, electronic toys and appliances, baby products, and more.  We work all over Asia, not just China,  our relations extend to Thailand, India, Bangladesh , Viet Nam and Malaysia.   We can advise you where to make your products based on our knowledge of the industry and governmental restrictions that may be in place.  We work strictly for and on behalf of our clients only.

Once the factory is chosen, the real work begins, technical drawings, first samples, revised samples with corrections and costing need to be worked on, molds, print artwork developed, samples need to be independently tested for quality and safety, packaging including art and quality requirements developed, and final packing requirements. The details go on and on, but we handle all the heavy lifting, guiding you through maze of details to a successful end.

Our quality control starts when the materials arrive at the facility, we inspect all the materials prior to the start of production. Our inspections are continuous throughout the production cycle, checking early and often, all the way through final packing, to make sure the quality you are paying for is what is delivered.

Once the goods are ready, we’ll work with the factory to get your product delivered to your forwarder.

RC GLOBAL SYNERGY wants to be your sourcing and quality control unit in Asia. Whether you want to source products from China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam or Malaysia, we are here for you! We can help you in importing goods from China or from most Asian countries.

Give us a call today, we’d love to hear about your project and explain how we can help.

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