New Business

You have an idea for a product, great, now what?How do i get it made? Where? How much will it cost to get started (this is called “cost of entry” and can be amortized over time and volume)? How much will the product cost per piece? How much quantity do I have to buy? What can I sell it for? To whom? Retail or wholesale? How do I do market research? How do you import? What are the costs and expenses to import? What are import tariffs and how much? How do I import it to the U.S.? How can I be sure what i buy is what i’ll get? Who will watch my production to make sure its made properly, is safe to use and gets delivered on time? Packaging, packing for shipping, colors, sizes and functionality approvals, just a few more details you’ll need to address.

So many questions and details, and thats just the start, but don’t worry, Global Synergy is here to help. I have been producing products all over the world for over 40 years, most importantly, successfully. I can be hands on, handling everything for you direct with the factory we choose or act as your expert with advise and consulting services. The “devils in the details”, a phrase everyone has heard and nowhere is it more true than in the production process. One missed detail, misunderstanding or omission can be costly. Experience working with factoriesis über important to successful production of any product. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, follow the process and you will be successful. Process, attention to every detail and a close working relationship with factories are the keys to success. I can guide you through the process, keep you focused on details that must be addressed and introduce appropriate legitimate factories to work for you.

Make an appointment today for a FREE 15 minute consultation, I’ll answer your questions so you can make informed decisions. Don’t wing it, understand whats involved first.

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