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Use my expertise to get your product to market; or as an established business solve the problems that are affecting your bottom line.

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Who Am I

Learn more about Ralph Cohen and RC Global Synergy.

Do you have a great product idea and don’t know the first steps to take to make it a reality?

Do you have a product you want to scale up to mass production?

I can help you product manage your idea or product. Product management is simply working for you to get your product to market at the most economical price, making sure all federal safety regulations are adhered to and getting delivery on time. Strategy and planning are the key to great profits.

I will strategize with you and show you the process to follow to get you moving forward.

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How I can help you

  • Have a product idea? Want to know how to get it to market and what it will cost to do so?
  • Do you want to reduce your manufacturing cost in order to increase sales and quantity?
  • Are you having trouble with cost, quality or delivery?

I can help.

Every problem has a solution.

Success Stories

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